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Flames of War German Gebirgsjäger HMG Platoon (GE834)

Flames of War German Gebirgsjäger HMG Platoon (GE834)
Caja de miniaturas German Gebirgsjäger HMG Platoon para Flames of War
Categorías: Miniaturas, Flames of War

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includes one Command SMG team, four HMGs with crew (MG34 or MG42 options), one Small base & four Medium bases.

Capable of firing up to 800 rounds a minute, the MG34 had a unique feature of being able to produce semi-automatic by pressing the upper segment of the trigger, while fully automatic fire was achieved by pressing the lower segment. Another important feature of the MG34 was the ability to quickly change barrels when necessary due to the overheating.