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Flames of War German 12.8cm K81 Gun Battery (GBX61)

Flames of War German 12.8cm K81 Gun Battery (GBX61)
Caja de miniaturas German 12.8cm K81 Gun Battery para Flames of War
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Includes four 12.8cm K81 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Staff team, two Observer Rifle teams, three Small bases, one Medium base & four Large bases.

The 12.8cm Kanone 81 series of heavy artillery pieces was a based on the 12.8cm Kanone 44 (K 44) gun developed for the army’s request anti-tank guns of larger and larger calibres.

The 12.8cm K81 was created by mating the K44 gun with a captured French or Soviet gun carriage. The 12.8cm K81/1 mounted the K44 with the French 155mm Mle GPF-T gun, the last of a series guns developed by the French during the First World War. The carriage, of a split-trail design was modernised by fitting a four-wheel tyred bogie in place of the original two solid wheels. The gun was balanced with the addition of a large counter-balance that doubled as a guard for the gun layer. However, this arrangement proved heavy and cumbersome and its height made it an awkward weapon to use.