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Flames of War Finland Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)

Flames of War Finland Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Caja de miniaturas Finland Stu 40 G Sturmi para Flames of War
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with one Stu 40 G Sturmi Assault Gun with optional Saukopf gun mantlet.

The StuG G assault gun was by far the most widely produced and used in the StuG series. Between 1942-45 over 7,700 were produced. The StuG G used the hull of the Panzer III M with a low-profile superstructure. This made the assault gun incredibly difficult to spot as it lay in ambush amongst dense terrain.

Production of the StuG III G was so prolific that Germany allowed Finland to purchase a number of these vehicles to aid in their continuing war effort against the Soviets. In 1943, the Finns took delivery of thirty StuGs with a further twenty nine vehicles were purchased in 1944.